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BLS Hafnia hoodies

A hoodie is not only one of the most comfortable items you can wear, but also the obvious choice when you go for casual streetwear for everyday. At BLS Hafnia, it is our driving force to design and produce hoodies that are timeless and represent the new generation.

On this page, we have collected our selection of hoodies, which include both designs with and without a zipper. The main part is produced in Portugal and designed in a good, comfortable fit with completed details and graphic elements.

Minimalist and street hoodies for men

BLS Hafnia's journey started as an attempt to challenge the big fashion houses to cater to young individuals and their views on fashion. We combine comfort and durability in complete and versatile streetwear that can be worn every day.

There is no doubt that hoodies have long been popular! Our selection includes all our iconic hoodies with a minimalist aesthetic, which makes the comfortable hoodie much more than an item for relaxation. Take a look at hoodies in luxurious variations that give you endless opportunities to express yourself.

Iconic signature hoodies from BLS

We work with a color palette which is classic and toned down, but which at the same time offers a playful approach to graphic details. Hoodies like the Backstage Hoodie or the Henry Hoodie are classics that always serve as a timeless choice, prepared for any event. Other hoodies experiment more with graphics, in either printed or embroidered form, but always with the iconic logo as a starting point. With the majority produced in 100% cotton, you get comfort and pleasantness in the very highest class.

Hoodies from BLS Hafnia are a first choice all year round, and the versatile items bridge the gap from winter to summer and everything in between. What they all have in common is a roomy fit that lets you be both active and relaxed in your BLS hoodie.

BLS Hafnia – we see potential in the simple

BLS Hafnia started as a rebellion against the existing fashion industry. With a fight to illustrate that fashion and trends are not solely dictated by the industry, but by the generation, the consumer and everything that happens at street level. We do this by seeing potential in the simple and representing the new movement. We give the youth a voice in Danish fashion via a community built on drive and inclusion.

What was initially a provocation turned into a respect for the craft of design. BLS Hafnia exists to celebrate diversity and to celebrate daring to think differently. All of this is something we do to dress individuals who dare to be true to themselves.

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Find your next BLS hoodie

For BLS Hafnia, it is not just about producing clothes, but about creating a lifestyle. Are you a fan of the street and minimalist style that BLS represents? Explore our range of hoodies that will leave you prepared for any event. Need more for your streetwear collection? Then also take a look at our exclusive selection of e.g. caps, crewnecks and pants.