Privacy and Cookie policy

This privacy policy is developed by BLS Hafnia. When shopping through our website online, subscribing to our newsletter, or membership registration, we will process your data as described in this section. “We” or ”us” are a reference to BLS Hafnia.

Data control
The responsible party for processing your data is:
Ciblé ApS
Company Registration Number: 36728566
Bredgade 36B
1260 København K
+45 71 96 96 96

2. Purpose of personal data
The following section will clarify our data policy and how it is used when interacting with BLS Hafnia.

2.1 When purchasing through the website
When purchasing through, we will process your data. This is required for us to deliver the order.

We will process the following data: name, address, e-mail, phone, country, and payment method.

The processing of data consents to administrate and accustom our advertisement and relation, specific needs to the given customer. We also use the mentioned to improve our services and delivering orders.

The processing of your data is based on GDPR article 6, 1, litra b. This is required to maintain the contract remaining BLS Hafnia and the customer.

If your data is insufficient to fulfill the contract, the legal proceeding of your data will be processed according to GDPR article 6, 1, litra f, due to our legitimate interest being to administrate our sales and advertisement.

Your data will potentially be shared with partners of BLS Hafnia, including IT suppliers, storage, and curriers.

We will store your data for as long as necessary regarding the sale. We store your data for the use of the following financial year plus five years in agreement with the rules of the law of bookkeeping.

2.2 Subscribing to our newsletter

When subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive information, news, and offers. To provide you with the newsletter, we will process your data where full name and e-mail are provided when signing up. This is based on GDPR article 6, 1, litra f.Following the Marketing Practices Act, you are always entitled to call back your consent if the newsletter is no longer desired.We will keep your data for a year after your unsubscription. 


2.3 When using social media

BLS Hafnia can pass on your data to partners, including the social media platforms where BLS Hafnia operates. We are responsible for the collection of data cooperating with the given platform.
The data is processed when visiting the page or contacting us directly through the media.

This is included in the GDPR article 6, stk. 1, litra f.We have no access to your additional user behavior. Only statistics regarding traffic on the given website to our channel are accessible.

Below you can read through the different platforms used with BLS Hafnia and their privacy policies:

META (Facebook & Instagram):

2.4 When transferring to countries outside the EU

BLS Hafnia can transfer your data to countries outside the EU when appropriate precaution or demand from the GDPR law. 
Below are the countries stated in which the policy includes:Klaviyo, USA:
Shopify, Canada:
Zendesk, USA:

Most of the potential transfers are included in the EU Commission’s standard contracts.Canada is verified within the commission to be a secure third country, and Shopify is here subjected to the Canadian PIPEDA ACT.

3. Storage of personal data
We delete your data when this is no longer in favor of maintaining the above.Active members etc., will also get deleted.

4. Rights
You are entitled to require BLS Hafnia to provide insight into your stored data at any given time. This can be regarding misinformation, where you can demand BLS Hafnia to correct this. You can also demand the data deleted or limited.If consent is given to BLS Hafnia to use your data, your consent can always be called back.
The statutory procedure before the callback is unaffected.You are always entitled to file a complaint to Datatilsynet.

Datatilsynet can be contacted at, or +45 33 19 32 00.We, BLS Hafnia, are also at service at if any questions or inquiries regarding the subject appear.

It is to mention that only certain rights included the above, and limits hereby can appear in concrete cases. You are entitled to object to our processing of your data in the following cases:
- When your data is processed within article 6, stk. 1, litra e.
- When your data is processed in preparation for direct marketing.

Questions and inquiries
If any questions or inquiries appear after the above has been read, please get in touch with our support at, where we will answer all eventual questions in the best way possible.

Our privacy policy will get updated annually.

Cookie policy

Personal data when using cookies
At, your data will be processed using specific types of cookies.

You can read more about this through our privacy policy further below.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a smaller data file stored when using your computer, phone, or other electronics with access to the internet/WiFi. Cookies serve the purpose of recognizing and remembering settings to provide statistics and aim advertisement to the current user.

Cookies are not consisting any harmful content or can cause viruses.

If given cookies are deleted or blocked, this can affect access to the website, and some content or services might not be accessible.

Use of cookies
Cookies are a tool necessary for the website's function. Cookies target and tailor advertisements to individual customers' needs and wants. Based on the customer’s latest activity on our website, previous purchases, location, and currency, our cookies can recognize the statistics and provide them. Advertisements from BLS Hafnia showing when visiting other websites will appear based on the above factors.

BLS Hafnia uses cookies to improve our services and provide our customers with relevant content within their interests.

For how long will a cookie be stored?
It varies depending on the function for how long a cookie is stored within your browser. Your latest visit to our website estimates the timeframe of the storage of the specific cookie until it automatically expires and hereby gets deleted.

How does a cookie get deleted or deselected?
You are always entitled to delete or deselect all forms of cookies, including third-party cookies.

By conducting changes within your browser on your computer, phone, or other electronic devices, you can delete or deselect the given cookie/s. Although, it has to be clarified that limitations to certain functions and services within the given website can appear due to the dependency on cookies.

You can find your relevant browsers and conduct the wanted changes in the below links:

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Flash cookies



Windows 7

BLS Hafnia only utilizes cookies when consent has been approved by the customer. This is for the use of statistics and marketing purposes.

At any given time, your consent can be changed or withdrawn.

Questions and inquiries
If any questions or inquiries appear after the above have been read, please contact our support at, where we will answer all eventual questions in the best way possible.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning this information and/or our processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us.
The cookie declaration is updated monthly through Cookie Information.
If you have questions regarding the Cookie Information, contact them at