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BLS Hafnia Crewnecks

Are you looking for casual streetwear for everyday life? Then a crewneck is the obvious choice when it needs to be comfortable and casual at the same time. At BLS, comfort and quality are combined in versatile streetwear crewnecks, which can be put together in all sorts of ways.

Explore our selection of crewnecks here on the site, featuring a simple color palette and sophisticated graphic details. The selection offers comfortable items that are always an obvious choice, no matter what you need.

Crewnecks prepared for any event

The idea for BLS Hafnia arose with a mission to challenge the big fashion houses by meeting the new generation's view of fashion. That philosophy has turned into a brand that combines comfort and durability in complete and versatile streetwear that can be worn every day.

There is no doubt that crewnecks are a wardrobe staple that you can return to again and again. Our range includes crewnecks that work both for everyday use and as the ultimate relaxing garment. Common to all our crewnecks is that they are designed with luxurious variations and minimalist aesthetics.

BLS crewnecks with print and logo

We are experimenting with a classic and toned-down color palette, which offers a number of exciting graphic details. Our Signature Outline Crewneck or OG Crewneck are timeless classics that are always a versatile and timeless choice. You will also find other crewnecks where further experimentation is done with the graphic - always with our iconic logo as the starting point.

Mix and match our crewnecks to make them a favorite through all seasons. Match with a pair of sweatpants for a complete tracksuit. The selection offers both regular and oversize fit, so you can get the fit you prefer. We have collected the selection of the classic streetwear uniform here .

Stay updated on new styles from BLS Hafnia

It should be easy, simple and uncomplicated to keep up to date on the fresh drops at BLS Hafnia. Keep an eye on our news, where you can always see the latest additions to our collections.

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Find your next BLS crewneck

At BLS, we don't just go into clothing production; we create a lifestyle and a community based on drive and inclusion. If you're a fan of the minimalist streetwear style that BLS represents, explore our selection of crewnecks on this site. There is ample opportunity here to build a collection that prepares you for any event. If your streetwear collection needs more, take a look at our exclusive selection of caps , jeans and other stylish items.