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BLS Hafnia t-shirts

T-shirts are a versatile and classic wardrobe item that can be styled and used in new ways everyday. At BLS Hafnia, it is our driving force to design and produce timeless t-shirts that represent the new generation.

Explore our wide range of luxury streetwear t-shirts – some classic with a discreet logo and others with graphic prints. The selection offers toned down shades and oversized or regular fit - all designed with attention to detail and an eye for minimalist aesthetics.

Graphic streetwear t-shirts for men

T-shirts from BLS are designed with a mix of simplicity and well-executed graphic elements that reflect the brand's roots in the new generation and what's happening at street level.

All our t-shirts are produced in organic cotton and are also available in more subdued designs. You can read more about the idea behind the different graphic prints when you visit each individual product page.

Our men's t-shirts with outline logo are a popular choice that can be teamed and styled with everything from BLS jeans to BLS hoodies and sweatshirts. If you're looking for a more simple t-shirt, take a look at our Essential Logo T-shirts, which embrace our hallmarks with a minimalist aesthetic. The Essential Logo T-shirt is available in both a long and short sleeve version.

BLS Hafnia – We see potential in the simple

The story behind BLS Hafnia started as a rebellion against the existing fashion industry. With a desire to show the outside world that fashion and trends are not solely dictated by the industry, but also by the street generation. BLS represents the new movement by giving youth a voice and celebrating diversity and a different way of thinking. All something we do with a mission to dress individuals who dare to be true to themselves.

Stay updated on new styles from BLS Hafnia

It should be easy, simple and uncomplicated to keep up to date on the fresh drops at BLS Hafnia. Keep an eye on our news, where you can always see the latest additions to our collections.

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Explore our wide range of streetwear t-shirts in a selection of discreet colours, which make the perfect item for any event. Are you a fan of the street and minimalist style that BLS represents? Then also take a look at our exclusive selection of jeans and hoodies .