Corporate Social Responsibility

For decades, the fashion industry has been about overconsumption without much thought for the environment and with outdated business models. The industry has become aware that there must be a change in thinking, and end users have become more environmentally conscious and think more about their consumption.

This has put companies under pressure to do away with the status quo. The paradigm shift in the industry has meant that more demands are placed on us as a company, including our suppliers throughout the value chain, to lower the negative impact of our production.

We also must recognize that producing clothes is not without costs for the environment, but we can do our best to optimize everything.

At BLS Hafnia, we have committed ourselves to optimizing our value chain to reduce the climate and environmental footprint of our products and how we can create the best possible product for the consumer with a clear conscience.
You can read more about how we have chosen to work with this throughout the report.

We work from the mindset of developing quality products with timeless designs that last longer and thus extend the product's life cycle.

BLS Hafnia

CSR Report (Danish) 2020/2021


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