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The first BLS belt

At BLS Hafnia, we have always loved accessories and will always strive to make our accessory universe bigger. We've loved belts for a long time, and have grown up watching several artists in the US create their own style with large and eye-catching belts, including Lil Wayne, Dipset, and Chief Keef. Therefore, it was obvious that a belt should be made, as a tribute to the things that have inspired and shaped our upbringing.

The belt is made in Denmark by a family-owned belt company that has produced belts on Funen since 1989. The belt is made of high quality, so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. The leather used for the belt is single-layer grain leather, of Western European origin and comes from an Italian tannery. The leather is also treated through a natural process, where moss, bark, and chestnuts are used, among other things, instead of chemicals. The skins for the leather are a by-product from meat production, and the logo buckle is produced nickel-free.


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