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Adnan Pato, a local legend

A local legend

Adnan Pato, a legendary figure gracing the streets of Tetova since our childhood, has always captivated us with his unmatched passion for pigeons dating back to the late 1980s. These feathered companions serve as his escape from the daily grind, offering comfort and a cure for life’s complexities.

Pigeons over humans?

In Adnan’s words, “Pigeons prove more loyal than people. They’re my dependable allies, never letting me down. Embracing them in my life means finding solace and resilience against the disappointments people may bring.”

A figure since childhood

We’ve witnessed Adnan caring for his pigeons since our early days and were ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to talk and collaborate with him for our upcoming SS24 Besa Collection. This collaboration adds a unique and heartfelt touch to our creative journey, merging Adnan’s genuine passion with our artistic endeavors.


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