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Fetah Abidini: A Tailor's Life

Fetah Abidini

Fetah Abidini is a local tailor in Tetova, North Macedonia, who has been doing his craft for over 35 years.

“The Maneken Way”

As you can see in some of the pictures, his tailor store is named “Maneken”. Maneken is a frequently used word in Albanian when you have a stylistic approach to something, especially in this instance, tailoring. For Fetah, the stylistic approach to tailoring is of utmost importance, as his work functions as an embodiment of his passion, skill, and craftsmanship. 

A family staple

Also on his storefront, you can find the word “Schneiderei”. Fetah immigrated as a youngster to work In Germany and learned to be a tailor, and as a way to pay homage to the country where he learned his skills, he incorporated the German word for “tailor” on his storefront: Schneiderei

He has also been the tailor for Besnik, Burim, and their father since childhood and has been a staple craftsman for the Miftari family throughout. 

Therefore, these things made up a great opportunity to incorporate Fetah into the life of our new BESA collection, as the collection is characterized by the “maneken approach”. 

Paulie Shirt

In the pictures used throughout, you can see Fetah wearing our Paulie Shirt from our newest collection BESA. It’s a light, clean, and sleek shirt, perfect for the summertime, and embodies the stylistic approach to clothing and design, offering you products aligned with the “maneken spirit”. 


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