A rebellion against the existing fashion industry.


Established in 2011 BLS Hafnia is a contemporary lifestyle brand with elements from streetwear, sports, and high-end fashion. Today BLS Hafnia is the supplier of your daily essentials with products that have the perfect fit and are comfortable enough to wear every day.

It started as a rebellion against the existing fashion industry. Founder Besnik Miftari noticed that the Fashion industry and trends were primarily dictated by the industry and not by the consumer. There was a lack of representation and Besnik was committed to closing the gap and creating designs that were a representation of a new movement.

BLS Hafnia was founded by Besnik Miftari who had several years of experience in the clothing- and footwear industry. BLS Hafnia wasn’t Besnik’s first fashion venture. When Besnik was just 12 years old, he started his brand called ‘Skywalkers’ where he would make T-shirts to sell. The love for clothing and creating designs did not fade away hence BLS Hafnia’s inception.

It all started with a t-shirt.

BLS Hafnia’s first ever product was the spoof t-shirt. The limited T-shirt featured a rebellious play on the YSL logo T-shirt that was altered to say “BLS” which stands for ”Bedøvende’ LifeStyle”. While the word ‘Bedøvende’ is hard to translate, it is a phrase that resonates with many Copenhageners. A mantra that encourages you to believe in yourself and pay no mind to “naysayers” - turn a deaf ear to people who do not see your potential and discourage your dreams.

The T-shirt became an internet success and attained a great following and high demand. This is when Besnik Miftari together with his younger brother Burim Miftari started the process of producing and selling the very first BLS Hafnia products.

Hafnia which means Copenhagen in Latin was added to the brand name to commemorate the city they grew up in.


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