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BLS Alpine Collection

Aerodynamics is the way objects move through the air. Anything that moves through air is affected by aerodynamics; from a rocket blasting off, to kite flying, even cars are affected by aerodynamics.

BLS moves aerodynamically in the world of fashion and trends, constantly developing our designs and the technology behind them and taking them to new heights. This is our first ever complete technical collection, including jackets and pants with DWR treatment ( Durable Water Repellent), windproof membranes, pit zips for ventilation, and multi-directional buggy cords in hoods to customize the users' preferences. Velcro loop patterns are added and give the wearer room to customize their look individually.

The designs also feature subtle detailing, relying less on graphics.

We can now move freely through wind, severe weather, and demanding conditions by introducing Alpine Field Equipment.


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